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Parul Jain DDS, PC

Your cosmetic and family dentistry expert in Schaumburg, IL.

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“My passion has always been to provide exceptional, highly esthetic dentistry wherever it is in your mouth. If it needs to be done, why not make it beautiful! At my office, we truly care about your comfort and health and want you to be pain-free and confident in your smile! ”

Dr. Parul Jain is the founder and dentist of Pearly Whites Dentistry, which opened its doors to the community in January 2009. She works hard to make sure that her patients have an amazing dental experience. Making them feel comfortable is a very high priority, regardless of the type of treatment they may need. Every day is a new opportunity to learn more about her patients’ needs and provide the highest quality of dental care possible.

Our dentist grew up in Illinois and always knew she wanted to help others and seriously considered studying medicine. But after shadowing a couple of esthetic dentists, she fell in love with the art and science of dentistry.

Upon graduating from dental school, she moved out to the northwest suburbs of Illinois and has worked for several different dental offices, learning how to best approach different patients and their unique dental needs for eight years. Academically, she went on to receive extensive training in many dental topics, including Adult Cosmetic and Reconstructive dentistry, Comprehensive treatment planning, Invisalign® training and dental implant placement. She is certified for oral sedation and laser certified as well. In addition to offering restorative dentistry, Dr. Jain has advanced training and extensive experience in surgery, including extractions and implants. Additionally, her favorite treatments to perform include cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign® and Suresmile clear aligners, Kor teeth whitening, invisible fillings, crowns, bridges, and implants.

Since opening Pearly Whites Dentistry, Dr. Jain has purchased three additional practices and merged them into one. Our practice continues to grow, which means you get more options and better treatments with the same personalized care.

Sotiria Roukas, DDS

Using advanced technology to care for your entire family.
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Dr. Sotiria Roukas has been practicing dentistry since 1993 and is committed to being a leader in her field as a general and cosmetic dentist. She always looks forward to building meaningful relationships with her patients. She uses the latest dental techniques and modern technology to ensure your family gets the best possible care.

Her goal is to create a comfortable environment for patients with exceptional, full-service dental care. To continue her clinical excellence, she constantly participates in cosmetic courses with the latest dental innovations and techniques. She takes pride in creating healthy and beautiful smiles for patients of all ages.

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200+ Five-Star Patient Reviews

‘‘ Everyone here is the best in being so helpful and understanding. They make sure to take good care of you, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help me with my teeth. I recently got into a moped accident, and they were able to schedule me the same day and immediately put me and my broken mouth in relief. They were a blessing in such a needed time!’’

Amber B.

‘‘ Dr. Jain is awesome. Very comfortable atmosphere, and her staff is lovely. Dr. Jain takes the time to explain what's needed and makes you feel less stressed about going to the dentist. She takes the time to know you and your family.’’

Dhruti P.

‘‘ I was introduced to Dr. Roukas through my wife, and I have to say, she is one of the best dentists that I personally have been to. Over the years, she has completed several small procedures on my teeth beyond just routine work, and she has always done a great job! She breaks everything down in terms of what needs to be done and what the cost is.’’

Tray H.

Periodontal Services

Dr. Paul Litvin provides dental implants and periodontal plastic surgery.

Young female showing healthy gums.

The goal of periodontal services is to create a more attractive and natural-looking smile by replacing teeth and reshaping the gum tissue, making it more symmetrical and proportionate.

The procedures may involve adding implants to replace teeth, adding gum tissue to areas where it is deficient, or removing it from areas where it is excessive.

Periodontal procedures can be a highly effective way to improve the appearance of your smile and boost your self-confidence.

Call today to find out more about an appointment with Dr. Litvin.

Improved Aesthetics

One of the primary benefits of periodontal procedures is an improved appearance.

It can address issues such as gum recession, uneven gum lines, and cracked teeth.

This results in a more attractive and natural-looking smile.

Increased Self-Confidence

A more beautiful smile can increase self-confidence and improve quality of life.

Patients may feel more comfortable smiling, laughing, and speaking in social situations, which can positively impact their personal and professional lives.

Better Oral Health

Periodontal procedures can also improve the overall health of the gums and teeth.

These services prevent further damage to gums and surrounding teeth, bone, tissues, and even gum lines. Periodontal procedures make teeth cleaning easier and reduce risks of gum disease and other oral health issues.

Perio Protect

The non-invasive treatment option for managing periodontal disease for a beautiful smile.

Young female placing Perio Protect trays.

Perio Protect is a patented, highly effective gum disease treatment method. Using the non-invasive Perio Tray with a customized sealing system, medication is delivered deep into the periodontal pockets where toothbrushes, rinse, and floss often fails to reach.

The tray is designed to hold a small amount of medication, typically a hydrogen peroxide solution or other antibacterial agents.

The medication can penetrate deep into the gum pockets, killing the bacteria responsible for causing periodontal disease.

Perio Protect does not require incisions or sutures, making it a more comfortable and less invasive option for patients.

Additionally, the customized tray ensures that the medication is delivered precisely to the site of infection, allowing for more targeted and effective treatment.

Call today to learn more about Perio Protect with our periodontist Dr. Litvin.

Young female placing Perio Protect trays.

To find out if you are a candidate for minimally invasive gum disease treatment, we’ll schedule a consult with our periodontist Dr. Litvin.

Your Trays are Created

To begin treatment, a mold of your mouth is taken, which is used to create your customized set of trays.

Home Treatment

Here’s where you come in. Wear your trays for 15 minutes while watching TV, showering, or when it’s most convenient.

Treatment is comfortable and convenient with Perio Protect.

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