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We offer a variety of quality services for the whole family.

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Dentistry for the whole family at Pearly Whites Dentistry… Click to read more about Pearly Whites Dentistry … in Schaumburg IL, includes a wide range of services ranging from preventative care and maintenance to restorative and cosmetic procedures. A beautiful, healthy smile requires a lifetime of excellent dental habits, and we’re your partner for amazing dental care you can trust.

Our Comprehensive Services
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Cleaning & Exams
Dental cleanings and exams at Pearly Whites Dentistry are thorough, effective, and painless. After checking your teeth, we’ll discuss our findings and recommend next steps if needed.

Comprehensive exams for new patients consist of reviewing your medical history, blood pressure checks, full mouth x-rays, and perio charting. We will also check the TMJ joint and mastication muscles of the face, as well as the lymph nodes and thyroid. We complete the exam with an intra-oral cancer screening using the Velscope screening device.

The regular cleaning consists of removing larger buildup with the Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaler, followed by removing finer buildup with a hand scaler. We floss, polish, and offer flavored fluoride varnish with vitamins and minerals to help teeth remineralize the enamel.

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Gum Treatment
Gum treatments improve oral health and are used to treat and prevent gum disease (AKA periodontal disease). Left untreated, gum disease leads to painful bleeding gums, tooth loss, and serious health complications.

Our Schaumburg, IL dentists complete annual periodontal probings, including routine x-rays to assess bone levels and gum health. Ways to prevent gum disease include professional dental cleanings, thorough brushing and flossing at home, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Patients with gum problems receive a customized treatment plan with non-surgical options, including medication and deep cleanings (scaling and root planing). More serious cases may need more invasive procedures like pocket reduction surgery and tissue or bone grafts.

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Fillings treat cavities and can repair broken or cracked teeth as well. Whether your tooth is damaged from decay, grinding, or an injury, our dentists work closely with you to fix your tooth with a composite filling or dental bonding.

Dental fillings are safe, effective, and comfortable, but the best part is they prevent further tooth decay and damage, in turn, helping to save your beautiful smile. We use top composite materials available for all fillings.

Nobody has to know you’ve had any work done because we use a color matching resin composite with excellent bond strength to withstand long-lasting wear and tear. Additionally, we use a desensitizer and antibacterial agent under every restoration to ensure a comfortable treatment.

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Root Canals
Root canals help save severely decayed teeth by removing the infection along with the associated pain. Left untreated, tooth decay that spreads to your dental pulp may lead to severe infection, health complications, and tooth loss.

Pearly Whites Dentistry in Schaumburg, IL, offers root canals using leading technology, the Wave One Rotary endodontic system with an apex locator. Our technique solves the problem and restores your tooth function for a happy and healthy smile.

The infected dental pulp is safely removed to stop the decay, and then the area is cleaned and sealed to stabilize the tooth. To further protect your tooth and maintain structure, a crown or filling may be placed on top, and the result is a natural-looking and fully functional tooth.

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200+ Five-Star Patient Reviews

‘‘ Pearly Whites Dentistry is fabulous! They treat our whole family. Dr. Jain is amazing with kids. She capped my son’s tooth after he lost it playing baseball. She was gentle, thorough, and did beautiful work. I highly recommend Pearly Whites Dentistry.’’

Kimberley J.

Smile Restorations
Giving your smile a second chance.
A teenage woman holding invisalign aligners while smiling
A teenage woman holding invisalign aligners while smiling

Invisalign® is a revolutionary teeth-straightening system that corrects teeth alignment without metal or brackets. They’re great for crooked, misaligned, gapped, or crowded teeth, and work as well as metal braces for a variety of issues.

Pearly Whites Dentistry in Schaumburg, IL, offers Invisalign® for teens and adults. After an initial consultation, we discuss realistic treatment times and expectations, and your digital impressions are used to create custom clear aligner trays that gently move your teeth to their new position.

The plastic aligner trays are comfortable, convenient, removable, and nobody has to know you’re wearing them! You’ll switch the trays out every few weeks to gradually guide your teeth, and you can expect fewer dentist appointments than with traditional braces.

Dental Implants
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Dental implants are the most advanced way to restore missing teeth caused by tooth decay, gum disease, or injury. They stay in place so you don’t have to worry about ill-fitting dentures or restricting which foods you can eat.

Our Schaumburg, IL dentists offer high-quality Hiossen dental implants, but we can also restore any other implant system for proper function and aesthetics. We make all implant restorations look as real as possible, and offer single implants, multiple, and full-mouth reconstructions.

The dental implant is inserted in place of the missing tooth root (where it fuses with the jawbone), and then a custom-made crown is attached to replace your missing tooth. We also have options for multiple implants to support a full denture. The result is a complete, beautiful, and natural-looking smile.

A mature man smiling after his dental implant treatment
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